Wincher Black Friday Deal 2023 – 14 Days Free + 90% Discount for 3 Months!

Wincher Dashboard
Wincher Dashboard

Wincher Rank Tracker is an extremely simple and affordable keyword rank tracker packed with features. Insightful reports and a dynamic pricing model are what make it unique. Wincher helps website owners and marketers to measure their online performance and grow in rankings.

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or a beginner looking to boost your website’s rankings, Wincher’s Black Friday deals offer a golden opportunity to save big and supercharge your online visibility. You’ll get all information you need to avail wincher’s deals during the sale.

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What are the advantages of Wincher, compared with other rank trackers?

  • Price: Wincher really offers the most affordable price. Only 10 EUR/m for daily tracking 1 domain and 100 keywords.
  • Flexibility: It’s unique that Wincher allows its customers to create their own customized plan. For instance, Accuranker offers a minimum fixed plan – 99USD/m for 1000 keywords. If you want to track fewer keywords, it’s just unreasonable to use the tool.
  • Daily updates. There is no option of tracking keywords on a weekly or biweekly basis. Only daily rank tracking and that’s a huge advantage. Because it’s important to stay up to date.
  • Free features like team access, competitor tracking, on-page SEO tool: Wincher is generous for free resources and features. Any tool like SERPwatch or Accuranker offers free access for your team and free competitors tracking if you track only 200 keywords, for instance.
  • A keyword research tool, integrated with the rank tracker: Wincher keyword research tool is fully integrated with the rank tracker which makes it a lot more useful than the average keyword research tool. Also, it identifies the keywords, which you’re already ranking for, and offers suggestions, where you have the best chance to rank high.
  • WordPress Plugin: If you use WordPress, you quickly integrate Wincher and track your rankings directly in your admin dashboard. They have a WP plugin, that’s as simple and accurate as a web version. You can find more information and step-by-step inscriptions here.

You shouldn’t overpay for unused limits of different SEO tools. With this rank tracker tool, you can choose the number of domains and keywords you want to track.

Another unique benefit of using this tool is that you can add your teammates to projects and up to 10 competitors per domain at no extra cost.

Key Features of Wincher:

  • Daily and accurate rank tracking
  • Integration with Wincher Keyword Research tool
  • Competitor tracking at no extra cost
  • Ranking alerts and automated reports
  • Website and keyword categorization
  • Free On-Page SEO tool
  • Desktop and mobile tracking
  • Adding annotations
Wincher Black Friday Sale - Rank Tracker
Wincher Black Friday Sale – Rank TrackerWincher Black Friday Sale – Rank Tracker

Wincher is offering an exclusive Black Friday discount – 90% off for 3 months. As Wincher works on a dynamic pricing model, you pay monthly and decide how much you wish to pay. And yes, you can cancel anytime.

Just use this coupon BLACKFRIDAY2023 to get 14 days of free trial and 90% off for 3 months then.

The coupon will be valid from November 20th to November 30th, 2023.

Get the most out of your SEO efforts with Wincher!

Get the most out of your SEO efforts with Wincher!

A quick guide on how to activate the coupon:

1) Sign up for Wincher and enjoy 14 days of the free trial.

2) When it’s time to upgrade, go to “My Account”, then click on “Upgrade”.

Wincher Discount Coupon
Wincher Discount Coupon

3) Use your coupon in the voucher space


Some Advantage Features offered by Wincher:

  • Free Plan: Wincher is offering a free plan for a limited time. You can sign up and start tracking your website’s rankings without any cost. This is an excellent opportunity for beginners or those on a tight budget to get a taste of Wincher’s powerful features.
  • 50% Off on Annual Plans: For those who are ready to commit to the long-term success of their website, Wincher is offering a whopping 50% discount on their annual plans. This is a substantial saving that allows you to enjoy all the premium features for an entire year at a fraction of the cost.
  • Additional User Accounts: Many SEO professionals work in teams, and Wincher recognizes that. On Black Friday, they are offering additional user accounts at a discounted rate. This means you can collaborate with your team seamlessly while keeping your SEO efforts synchronized.
  • Customizable Reporting: Wincher offers customizable reports to help you keep track of your website’s progress. On Black Friday, they are providing discounts on these reporting features, making it easier for you to present your website’s performance data to clients or stakeholders.
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