Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday – 30% Instant Discount on All Plans 🌟

Sale is Over Now, Thanks for Shopping with Us.
Sale is Over Now, Thanks for Shopping with Us.

ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday 2019 - Save 30% on Your Purchase

Thirsty Affiliates is offering 30% Discount on their Plans and Pricing. Use this coupon given below to get 30% discount on any plan of ThirstyAffiliates.

Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday 2018 Sale & Offers (Updated)
Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday 2019 Sale & Offers (Updated)

Thirsty affiliates is the best affiliate link management and clocking plugin available for wordpress. Thirsty affiliates Black Friday Sale 2019 deals are live now and you can grab maximum thirsty affiliates black friday discounts. Thirsty affiliates wordpress plugin makes monetization very easy on your website and blogs. This premium plugin has a lot of addons in it which makes it more helpful and effective. Thirsty affiliates black friday sale and thirsty affiliates black friday deals are the best time to buy this plugin as company is giving away huge discounts on their plugins.

If you are a affiliate marketer then this is the best time for you to grab this plugin at lowest price possible during entire year. You need to click the activation button below to activate maximum discounts on this plugin. They are offering a minimum of 30% discount on their plugin during this black friday sale. Sale will be live from black friday which is on 23rd November 2018 and will continue till cyber monday which is on 26th November 2018.

During purchasing the plugin you may be asked for thirsty affiliates discount coupon. So here is the discount coupon for thirsty affiliates. Discount Coupon “BF2019. Remember that the discount will be applicable for a limited time. So, don’t delay much in making the final payment. You might miss the discount if you do it late.

Thirsty Affiliates Black Friday 2019 – Why Choose ?

As I said earlier, thirsty affiliates is the best affiliate links management and clocking plugin for wordpress. This is a worth buying plugin for affiliate marketers. You can monetize your website well with this plugin. There are several more reasons about buying this plugin. It has a very easy and simple user interface which makes it easy to use for even beginners and it also has several more features. I am listing down its features below.

#1. Affiliate Links Cloaking : You can redirect visitors to your affiliates without revealing your affiliate link. You can hide long and ugly links in short links with your domain name.

#2. Categorization : You can categorize your website URLs in different categories. This will make management easy for you andΒ  their links will also appear as per to their categories and this will make your link look more professionals and organized.

#3. Affiliate Redirection Images : You can also add images to your affiliate links so that they will appear indicating a redirection from your website to affiliate’s website to your customer.

#4. Accurate Stats and Tracking Information : You can track your links with thirsty affiliates and also you can gran accurate stats about your links with thirsty affiliates.

#5.Β  Keywords Link Automation : This plugin will automatically link your affiliates links to all relevant keywords on your website. This will save a lot of time for you and you not be adding every link to each keyword separately manually.

#6. Links Import : Thirsty affiliates also allows you to import affiliate links from various websites like amazon. You don’t need to add links manually. Just search for it and get it on your website.

There are several more features available on thirsty affiliates and all of them are very useful and productive.

Why a Link Cloaking Plugin is Important for Affiliate Websites?

So, I think these are enough valid reasons for you guyz about choosing thirsty affiliates for your business. This is a worth product and I recommend you to buy it if you are into a real affiliate marketing business model. Thirsty affiliates gonna make working better and more organized for you.

ThirstyAffiliates Frequently Asked Questions

Thirsty Affiliates black friday sale will start from 26th November 2019 and will be live till 3rd December which is just a day after cyber monday sale. In this sale, you will be able to grab 30% discount on all plans of ThirstyAffiliates.

Well, the costing of the plugin depends on your usage. Price of Thirsty Affiliates starts from $49 and goes till $149. If you need it for single website, you can have it at $49, if you want to install it and use it on unlimited websites, you have to buy unlimited sites license which costs $149.

No, ThirstyAffiliate is an installable plugin, so its not quite possible to offer a free trial of that. However, you can still try the free version of ThirstyAffiliates and see the basic functioning of it.

ThirstyAffiliates is the best link cloaking plugin for WordPress. If you are running an affiliate website, it is a must buy for you. You can autolink keywords to links, geolocate links, automatic 404 check, in-depth analytics and much more.

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