MailJet Black Friday Sale 2023 – No Deal So Far, Similar Offers!

MailJet Black Friday Sale - No Deal So Far!

So far, MailJet is not offering any sort of deals on this black Friday. You can instead look at these two leading email marketing software which are offering good discounts:

  1. ActiveCampaign – $6.95 Onwards, 25% Off for 3 Months.
  2. GetResponse – Upto 40% Discount, A few accounts left.
  3. Aweber – 19% Discount on All Plans.

MailJet Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale
MailJet Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

MailJet, as we all know, is one of the most affordable newsletter software available in the industry. It offers some cool features like collaborations which are not provided by its rivals. One can easily create email campaigns and send them to subscribers in a few minutes. MailJet is offering discounts on their plans during this MailJet black friday sale which will be taking place on November 2023 (We don’t have any update about MailJet black friday sale so far). Black Friday is a global shopping festival that takes place in the last week of November each year. Founded in France in 2010, MailJet has come a long way offering services to thousands of companies and bloggers worldwide.

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What is MailJet Black Friday Sale?

During the black Friday event which is celebrated worldwide, MailJet also offers a discount to their new customers. While MailJet Black Friday sale is going on, one can save money spent on MailJet as compared to the regular prices. This discount is offered for a very limited time. Once gone, you have to wait for a year to get the same discount again. MailJet is a leading email marketing software, and a lot of people worldwide use it for their marketing purposes. Like any other black Friday, this year the event will take place in the last week of November. So, if you have any plan to buy MailJet subscription, you can wait a bit and save on your purchase.

How to Activate MailJet Discount on Black Friday?

Claiming the discount on MailJet is very easy. Some of you are doing it for the first time so it can be a bit complicated for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve written all the steps below this paragraph which will make it easier for you to claim the discount on MailJet during the black Friday sale. Please note that the discount offered during MailJet black Friday is for a very limited time. So, if you miss it by any chance, you will have to wait for a year to get the same discount again. We suggest you grab the best deal as soon as you see it. Discount is valid on all the plans of MailJet whether you pay monthly or annually. But, if you decide to pay monthly, you will only get a discount for 1st month. Here are the steps to help you claim MailJet black Friday offer:

MailJet Pricing & Discount During the Sale

MailJet Black Friday - Why Choose?
MailJet Black Friday – Why Choose?

Pricing of MailJet plans is based on the “Pay as You Grow” model of pricing. You don’t need to pay for an entire service, you can choose plans made specifically for your purpose. They have multiple plans available from 30,000 emails a month to unlimited emails a month in the enterprise plan which is customized. Also, they do offer a free plan in which you can send 6,000 emails each month.

The pricing structure of MailJet is pretty decent and the amount you need to pay for each plan is also reasonable. Each plan has two different options, Basic and Premium. So, those who require advanced functionalities can go with the premium plan. Those who are looking for basic features for email campaigns can go with the Basic plan. Now, let’s have a look at what will be the pricing on MailJet black friday sale and MailJet Cyber Monday sale.

MailJet Black Friday 2023 – A Quick Technical Review

Along with being a reputed email newsletter tool, MailJet is also among the cheapest available newsletter software available in the market. Offering cool features like collaboration, it also gets you automation, transactional emails, and SMS. A/B testing is quite easy with Mailjet. While we were writing this MailJet black Friday deal update, we tried MailJet, and this quick review is based on that.

80+ Integration Options

It gets a huge library of integration options. Including CMS, Connectors, Contact Management, CRM, E-Commerce, Marketing, and many other categories, you can Integrate MailJet with over 80 integrations. Some of the popular integrations available in MailJet are PrestaShop, Zapier, Cloud Elements, Magento, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, WordPress, Mautic, Segment, Lightspeed, Stitch, Drupal and many more.

Email Campaign Builder & Designer

For the convenience of users, MailJet has provided a visual email campaign builder. Though it is normal these days, all the email providers are now offering a visual email design-builder. It is quite helpful to those who don’t know how to code. One can easily create email and newsletter campaigns with a few drag-and-drops and send them to the subscribers.

API for Developers

REST API from MailJet is easy to set up with just a few lines of code, you can integrate it into your project. Using MailJet REST API, you can send emails via SMTP relay and Send API in less than 5 minutes. They have ready-to-use libraries in all the major languages including PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, C#, Java, Go, etc.

Email Segmentation

List and contacts management in MailJet is quite easy with Email Segmentation. Segmentation helps you organize customers in a group that is suitable for them. For example, you can segment users based on their interaction frequency, conversion rate, frequent spenders, etc. It will help you in creating specific email campaigns for a specific group as per the need.

There are a lot of other features which MailJet offers to its users. MailJet is a perfect solution for those who are directly interacting with users. The pricing and plans offered by MailJet are suitable for almost every type and size of business. So, this MailJet black friday sale is the best time to grab MailJet plan for your usage.

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