DesignEvo Black Friday Sale 2021 – 30% Discount, 10K+ Logo Templates!

DesignEvo Black Friday Deal, 30% Discount!
DesignEvo Black Friday Deal, 30% Discount!

When you start a company, open your online shop, start an individual blog, etc., you may want to prepare a logo used on social media profiles and homepages, business cards, and online shops. Here we share DesignEvo 30% discount for you.

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How to Redeem DesignEvo Black Friday 2021 Sale?

30% Discount on All Plans

30% Discount on All Plans

DesignEvo 30% off both for the Basic plan and the Plus plan.
On Going Offer
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  • To redeem DesignEvo Black Friday Discount, you should follow four steps, which are mentioned below. After following these steps, you can get the DesignEvo 30% off both for the Basic plan and the Plus plan.

    1. log in to your DesignEvo account on
    2. Create and download your logo.
    3. On the pricing page, choose Plus package.
    4. Use the coupon on the checkout page to download the premium logo for free.
    DesignEvo Coupon
    DesignEvo Coupon

    What is DesignEvo?

    DesignEvo is a logo generator that even non-designers can easily create a logo.

    There are more than 10,000 logo templates available, and first, select the one that is close to your image. From there, you will complete it while adjusting the icons, colors, characters, fonts, etc.

    DesignEvo key features:

    • 10,000+ professionally designed logo templates.
    • Large collection of resources including 1,000,000 icons, hundreds of fonts and shapes.
    • Download high-quality logos in various formats.

    How to make a logo with DesignEvo?

    Make Logos with DesignEvo
    Make Logos with DesignEvo

    First, go to the DesignEvo logo gallery. Display logo templates from the keyword search or the list by category. If you find something close to your wishes, click Customize. The editor screen will appear and you can enter the company name and slogan.

    This alone makes it look good as a logo, but you can create your logo by modifying it with about 1 million icons, hundreds of fonts and shapes.

    Customize your logo at your will with your needs

    Share with Friends
    Share with Friends

    When you select a logo template that satisfies you most, you will be taken to the editor screen. You can customize it in various ways here.

    Change the fonts

    DesignEvo provides hundreds of fonts. Not only it has English fonts but also Japanese, Chinese. The logo can also be customized by combining it with various shapes and icons. Of course, you can also finely change and adjust the color.

    After all things are prepared ready, you can use the preview function to check the logo effects.

    Preview and Download
    Preview and Download

    Wrap up

    One of DesignEvo features is that you can choose from many templates, not the recommendation type, such as AI.

    It may seem lost at first glance but by choosing from a large number of logo templates. But it would make you more engaged in your logo design to designing a logo fitted your business.

    Why should you try DesignEvo?

    DesignEvo logo templates are prebuilt with various tastes as well as abundant motifs. Even with the same motif, different tastes are prepared, such as cool to cute, cyber to advanced, making it easy to compare and select.

    It is attractive that anyone can easily create a crispy logo.

    It can be a strong ally tool when you want to get a logo quickly and affordably, such as establishing a company or launching a service.

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