COVID-19 Grocery Shopping Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

COVID Grocery Shopping Tips
COVID Grocery Shopping Tips

This hard doesn’t seem to be solved soon; hence we need to learn to live with the situation. Grocery shopping is among the essential tasks that every person does in everyday life. People all around the world are scared of COVID-19 and trying every possible way to keep themselves safe.

As of 20th May 2020, most of the businesses are closed around the globe as COVID has affected almost every country of the earth. Governments have issued orders to stay at home, but now as it has been almost 2 months since the lockdown was implemented, everything needs to be resumed amidst the spread of virus for economical and other survival reasons.

As per the statement by Dr. Robert Redfield, director of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about approximately a quarter of people don’t show any signs of COVID, so it’ll be very hard for everyone to be distant from people who are COVID positive.

We’ve got COVID grocery shopping tips for you from health experts. These COVID grocery shopping tips will help you in keeping yourself safe from threats around you. There are several questions people are asking on many Q&A platforms, we read them and answered them in one place. I hope you follow these COVID grocery shopping tips and practices and be safe from COVID.

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What is the best time to go for Grocery Shopping?

COVID Grocery Shopping Tips
COVID Grocery Shopping Tips

Most of the individually owned grocery stores don’t have any guideline about when to serve whom. But, most of the Grocery Chains have made rules that when elderly people can do shopping, and when people having some kind of disease but not COVID can shop. State and Central Governments of each country and state has released the guidelines about the hours when stores will be open. You can simply follow the guidelines from government.

As time will pass, rules will be relaxed and you’ll be free to visit the store any time, but it’ll always be your responsibility to take care about your personal safety. Currently, only go out to a grocery store when you seriously need something. Don’t stock things at home and don’t go at stores far from your place.

Do I need to wear mask in Grocery Store?

Mask is not only an essential thing to wear in Grocery store but whenever you are outside. This is not only a COVID grocery shopping tip but a general advice. Mask prevents droplets of other person to enter your body through nose and mouth. Droplets are one of the major reasons of catching coronavirus. So, wearing a mast will be a benefit for you all the times. Along with following the social distancing guidelines, wearing mask is also necessary. Not wearing mask can invite legal penalty in many countries at this time. Along with a mask, try to always wear Gloves and destroy them after you are back at home or done with the work.

Among these COVID grocery shopping tips, I would also like to mention that keep a sanitizer spray with you all the time. Whenever you come in touch of any person, instantly sanitize your hands after meeting the person.

Grocery Cart
Grocery Cart

You’ll be touching grocery cart or bucket, and billing counter for sure during your visit. So, wearing gloves will be good and you should also spray the sanitizer to the handle of cart for better safety. Many grocery stores are taking care of these things but you should take care at your end too.

Is it Compulsory to follow Social Distancing Guidelines in Grocery Store?

Follow Social Distancing
Follow Social Distancing

One of the hardest tasks for us is to avoid human interaction by any means. You’ll pass by people but please avoid passing by them whenever possible. While standing in the billing queue, make sure to maintain 6 feet distance. All these social distancing measures are being taken to reduce avoid physical interaction with anyone. Because, you don’t know who is COVID positive or who is COVID negative.

Which Payment option is safest for making payment during COVID-19?

COVID Grocery Shopping Tips: Make Payment through Mobile Apps
COVID Grocery Shopping Tips: Make Payment through Mobile Apps

The safest way to make payment at any store is mobile payment apps like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other UPI supporting applications. Creating Google Pay or Apple Pay account is very easy, just install the application and you are good to go with configuring your bank with it. Other than these mobile applications, debit and credit cards with wave payment option can work well. If by any chance you are making payment by card which we don’t recommend, then make sure to spray sanitizer on your card.

Cash is the most vulnerable form of payment at this point of time, so please try to avoid cash transactions with anyone.

Should I disinfect Grocery bought from store?

A big YES, you must disinfect grocery items that you bought from the store and destroy or dump the bag you brought from the store. A study published by New England Journal of Medicine reported that virus can stay on non-porous paper for about 24 hours and up to 3 days on plastic surface. Though, experts suggest being cautious about the people you meet instead of package food or surface you are interacting to. We are suggesting disinfection of all the items you buy from Grocery stores because a lot of cases spread through this.

So, as soon as you enter the house, dispose your hand gloves, wash your hands in sink properly with soap or hand wash. Then go to disinfect grocery items you bought from store.

Is it safe to order Grocery Online?

Ordering groceries and other items online will be a really good step. You can avoid 99% human interaction by ordering products online. Not only grocery, you should opt. to order all essential things which are available on the internet. You can shop anything online like grocery, bed sheets, mobile cases, electronics, nutrition products, perfumes, clothing, accessories, and what else. Use amazon grocery shopping, walmart online shopping, and many more.

Once you receive the order, please follow the disinfection procedure and make yourself safe from any unwanted problems.COVID

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