Best Cloud Storage Services for Business & Personal use in 2022

Best Cloud Storage Services in 2022
Best Cloud Storage Services in 2022

Isn’t it cool that you can access all your important documents and media files from anywhere at any time just with the help of an internet connection? Cloud services are secure, easy to access, and easy to use for anyone. We’ve tested quite a lot of cloud storage services including pCloud, iDrive, Icedrive, DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. After testing, we’ve arranged them in order from top to bottom. So, you’ll be getting which are the best cloud storage services in 2022 for you.

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Best Cloud Storage Services in 2022

There has been a lot of discussion about how safe is cloud storage services as we’ve seen data breaches with services like DropBox. So, it becomes important for you to choose a cloud storage service that keeps your data safe. Well, all your data is backed up on secondary servers so, in case of any unexpected problem, you won’t be losing your data. The time to free your local storage has come. You no longer need to keep an external hard drive with you and find a port to access it. With the help of these best cloud storage services in 2022, you’ll be getting the freedom of storing and accessing your data anywhere on any device.

So, let’s quickly get started with the list of best cloud storage services in 2022 for business and personal purposes.

pCloud – The Most Secure Cloud Storage

pCloud Free 10GB for Lifetime

pCloud Free 10GB for Lifetime

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  • It is not the first time we are recommending pCloud, we’ve recommended pCloud many times before also. Our team uses it for business purposes. pCloud is among the most trusted cloud storage services on the internet. Along with quality servers and unbreakable security, you are getting it at a very reasonable price for a lifetime.

    pCloud is one of the best cloud storage services in 2022 for every usage type. Whether you are looking for personal storage or for your business where multiple people will be collaboratively working on the same storage. pCloud’s collaboration tools make it easy and convenient for businesses to work on cloud storage. There are many factors that makes it the best cloud storage service for personal use as well as business usage.

    Let’s see what are the features offered by pCloud to its users.

    Features of pCloud Cloud Storage

    • Unlimited File Size, Limitless File Upload
    • Unlimited Upload and Download Speed
    • Search, Filter, and Trash Files
    • Folder Sharing & Collaboration
    • Link Sharing with Branding
    • File Requests allow people to upload files to your account
    • Direct links for Public Folders
    • Data Backup & Synchronization
    • TLS/SSL Encryption with Client-side Encryption
    • Password Protected Folders
    • 4096-Bit RSA with 256-bit AES Encryption
    • Available on Drive, Web, and Mobile
    • Revisions, Rewind, and Extended File History
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    Recover Deleted Files (upto 365 Days)

    How would you react if I say you can recover your deleted files with ease? Sounds helpful right? Yes. You can recover your deleted files within 30 days by using the recovery window offered by pCloud to its free as well as paid users. For free users, the recovery window is 15 days whereas, for premium users, it is 30 days from the date of deletion. A user can extend the recovery window up to 365 days by paying an additional charge for that. Storing deleted data for a year might be a waste for an individual but a business, it can be an important and useful feature.

    Backup Your Computer on Cloud

    People use cloud storage as an option to backup their computers in case of hardware failure or data loss. You can easily select some of the folders or any number of your local folders and enable synchronization with the pCloud account. So, it will keep your computer backed up and safe from any kind of data loss. Don’t worry about the changes you make on your computer, pCloud will check for updates on your computer and will update changed files on the cloud.

    File Sharing and Collaborations are Butter Easy

    Collaboration is a very important factor for any business user. You can share single files and folders with anyone in just a few clicks. pCloud gives you the ability to share a file among many people and anyone can leave remarks over a file that helps in collaboration. For both personal and business use, one can easily customize their sharing links. You can upload a custom logo on sharing page, change the color theme of the sharing page, change the headline, and descriptions on the sharing page.

    Branded sharing page is a useful feature for businesses presenting and sharing files to their clients. You no longer need to share files on a page that displays the logo of some other company.

    Security & Encryption

    All accounts of pCloud come with 256-bit encryption along with TLS/SSL tunnel protection that protects your files on their way from your computer to cloud server or vice-versa. 5 copies of each file are saved on different servers to prevent data loss at any point of the transfer process. pCloud offers more than the required level of security to its customers.

    For businesses storing sensitive and highly confidential data that requires an additional amount of security and assurance, they can add pCloud Crypto to their security. pCloud Crypto offers unbreakable military-grade security to your files at a one-time cost of $175 or less during pCloud black friday.

    iDrive – Cloud Backup and Storage Solution

    Up to 50% OFF on Cloud Storage

    Up to 50% OFF on Cloud Storage

    Get up to 50% OFF on Cloud Storage from iDrive on Annual and 2 year plans. Applicable on 5TB and 10TB plans.
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  • If you are looking for a big storage size then iDrive can be the best option for you. Also, businesses need more space as compared to individuals. So, in that case too, iDrive can offer you more space at less price.

    One can easily backup their entire device or disk partitions with iDrive and use it as a backup or work remotely using the cloud. Enabled with real-time syncing, you can backup your data to an unlimited number of devices. Older folders can be accessed even if they are deleted from the primary storage. iDrive is 2nd in our list of best cloud storage services for personal and business purpose.

    Let’s have a look at features of iDrive.

    Features of iDrive Cloud Storage

    • Backup Unlimited Number of Devices
    • Real Time Files & Fodlers Sync
    • Delivery of Physical Storage via Shipment
    • Snapshots and Versioning
    • Manage Computers through Web
    • Clone Computer Backup on Cloud
    • 256-AES Encryption
    • iOS and Android Applications
    • 30 Days Deleted Data Recovery Window
    • Activity and Backup Reports
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    Platform Compatibility

    iDrive is compatible with every major operating system. Let it be a mobile, tablet, or computer. You can access and manage your cloud storage using any device with IDrive’s application and web platform. iDrive is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. Plus plan of iDrive supports an unlimited number of devices so you can backup as many devices as you want in a single account.

    Flawless Synchronization

    Once you have all your devices connected to iDrive, you can enjoy seamless cloud sync between devices. If you want to update the same file over multiple devices then just make changes to the file on the cloud and all the devices will be updated with updated file over sync. iDrive keeps versions of files and deleted files for up to 30 days which can be helpful in case you want to access an older version of a file or a deleted file.

    Advanced Backups

    Provided with the iDrive SnapShot feature, iDrive offer a historical view of your backups and you can select any backup to restore it in just a click. So, in case your device is hacked or stolen, you can simply choose a backup and restore it on hacked or a new device. One can also create sector or file-level backups. These backups are for backing up important information or specific parts of a device instead of the whole device.

    Using the console, you can restore backups on any device as iDrive gives you complete control of all your devices in one place. – Free 50GB Always On-Privacy Cloud

    Mega - Bes Cloud Storage for Personal and Business Use
    Mega – Bes Cloud Storage for Personal and Business Use
    Get 50GB Free Cloud Storage

    Get 50GB Free Cloud Storage

    Get your secure always-on privacy 50GB Free cloud storage account from
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  • Mega offers a wide range of storage options starting from 50GB to 16TB. It is among the most popular and widely used cloud storage services on the internet around the globe. If you are looking for a free cloud storage service then Mega is the best option to go with. Even premium users can get TBs of storage at a really cheap price.

    Though Mega doesn’t come with advanced synchronization features like pCloud and iDrive, it is quite useful for the basic usage of any individual and small business. Desktop and mobile applications of Mega are quite easy to use and work effortlessly. You can upload and sync files across desktop and mobile applications with ease.

    In terms of security, Mega offers unbreakable end-to-end encryption along with 2-factor authentication. Files, as well as the chat feature, are included with encrypted sharing. Mega is the most transparent cloud storage provider on the internet as it publishes its own source codes and cryptographic architecture.

    Features of

    • Free Account with 50GB Storage
    • Crypto Level Security
    • Only Major Company to offer 8 TB Storage
    • Easy Collaboration for Organizations
    • Private and Secure Chats
    • Sync, Versioning, and Backups
    • Blazing Fast Upload and Download Speed
    • No Signup Links for Download
    • Easy File Maanagement
    • Mobile Applications and Computer Software
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    Microsoft OneDrive – The Native

    Microsoft OneDrive
    Microsoft OneDrive
    6 TB (Famiy Plan) at $99/Year

    6 TB (Famiy Plan) at $99/Year

    Get OneDrive Family Plan 6TB (1TB Each) plan at just $99.99 per year.
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  • Microsoft’s OneDrive comes integrated with Windows 10. You can see the OneDrive folder in file explorer. So you don’t need any 3rd party service to backup your computer and files. Applications are available for Android and iOS which allows you to sync between devices and backup files of various devices on the cloud.

    Most of the businesses use Microsoft Office and 365 Suite in their organizations. OneDrive works closely with Office and 365 Suite which can be a booster in productivity. Integrated Photos application can sync all your images on the cloud from multiple devices.

    Users get the option to backup specific files and folders of their devices. The mobile application of OneDrive allows you to scan multiple pages and club them in a single file which is quite a useful feature for office peoples.

    Features of OneDrive

    • Video Playback Adapating Internet Speed
    • Save Notebooks to OneDrive
    • Integrated Microsoft Office
    • Advanced Photo Management
    • Mobile and Desktop Applications
    • Integrated with Windows 10
    • Files & Folders Backup
    • File Versioning and Backups
    • Mobile Scanning
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    Sync – Privacy Guaranteed Secure Cloud

    Sync - Best Cloud Storage for Healthcare, Legal, and Accounting
    Sync – Best Cloud Storage for Healthcare, Legal, and Accounting
    FREE 5GB Lifetime Cloud Storage

    FREE 5GB Lifetime Cloud Storage

    Get a free 5GB lifetime account of Upgrade anytime later.
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  • Sync is one of the unique cloud storage providers in this list of Best Cloud Storage for Personal and Business uses. Using Sync is very easy and any kind of user will be feeling comfortable while using it even for the first time.

    The company caters to a different section of the market. Sync is compliant with the legal, accounting, and healthcare industry. Once you signup for Sync, you need to install it on your system and you’ll get the sync folder on your system. You just need to drop files to the sync folder and it’ll sync those files to the cloud.

    Sync is compatible with mobile, desktop, and web-based platforms. So, you can simply install the application for your device from the app store or sync’s the website for your desktop. Applications are available for ease of access but most of the features are provided in a web-based platform.

    All your data is protected with end-to-end encryption along with the SSL/TLS tunnels which protect your files while it is being transferred to the cloud or away from it. Sync uses a no-knowledge policy which means that the company doesn’t hold the right to access your data for any reason. Most of the cloud storage providers don’t offer a no-knowledge policy or might charge you extra for it.

    • No Knowledge Policy
    • Global Data Privacy Compliance
    • Auto Backup, Sync, and Restore
    • Enterprise Grade Infrastructure
    • Compliant with Healthcare, Accounting, and Legal
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