4 Easiest Ways to Use Smart Lighting In Your House

Easy Ways to Use Smart Lighting in Your House
Easy Ways to Use Smart Lighting in Your House

As we all can see a lot of smart lighting products are coming to the market rapidly. It would be appropriate to say that the future of smart lights is bright as their lights. Smart lights come with a lot of great features that help us make our life better. You can schedule the lights to automatically turn on or off, change the mood of your room, synchronize them with your music, control the brightness of the lights and a lot more things are possible with smart lighting products.

It is no more the time when smart lighting products were new in town and not a lot of people were using them. You can find them pretty much everywhere nowadays. Smart lighting products are now available easily through online e-commerce websites. Back in the year 2012 or 2013, when these smart lighting systems were new, they were expensive as well. But this is not the case anymore, with the improving technology and new brands launching their own smart lighting products with new technology and features, we can now find them anywhere for cheap.

We are going to talk about the 4 easiest ways to use smart lighting in your house. Read the post till the end and you will be able to make your house smarter than ever.

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Get Started With Smart Bulbs

Getting Started with Smart Bulbs
Getting Started with Smart Bulbs

We all are aware of the smart bulbs. This is the best way to get started with smart lighting for your home because smart bulbs are available for cheap and work really great in any room. These smart bulbs use you ordinary bulb holder and you can replace them with your current ones easily. It doesn’t need any technical knowledge to replace an ordinary bulb with a smart bulb. You can do it by yourself. Even, almost every smart bulb uses the same size of holder to install them, no need to replace your holder either.

Setting up a smart bulb is also easy. You just need to install it to your ordinary holder, turn it on and download the related mobile app. Follow the setup instructions given in the app and done. All of the smart bulbs come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity for wireless control. You need to find the one that is suitable for you. Between both of them, Wi-Fi ones work the best. Most of them work with your smart voice assistants as well. You may need to install a bridge or hub for some smart bulbs to enable voice controls.

With the smartphone app, you can control your smart bulbs and change the brightness, schedule them to turn on or off at a specific time, dim the lights, change the mood and more. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs and Lifx Smart Bulbs are our top suggestions for smart bulbs. Both of them come with exceptionally great quality that’s why we are suggesting them to you.

Smart Switches

Use Smart Switches
Use Smart Switches

Smart switches help to control your switches with your voice or smartphones. After the smart bulbs, this could be your next step towards making your home smart. Smart switches replace your ordinary dumb switches and allow you to control your devices and home appliances the smart way. Basically, once you install a smart switch, you can turn it on or off with your voice or smartphone, schedule them to turn on or off at a specific time and more. You can turn the lights on before entering the house or turn them off after you walk out of the house. These functions will work any device or appliance that is connected to the smart switch.

You may require a bridge or hub to control the smart switches through your voice. But you can always control them with your smartphone app. It allows you to switch on/off your devices or home appliances that are connected to smart switches from anywhere on the planet with an active internet connection. Almost all of them come with a feature called “Away Mode”. Using the away mode, you can illustrate that someone is home even when there is no one. The switch will automatically turn a device or light on or off at random times to show that there is someone home. These security features can come handy when you are leaving your house empty.

Smart switches are available in different types. Basic smart switches and smart home dimmer switch are options of it. Insteon smart switch and Caseta by Lutron are one of the best and reasonably priced smart switches that you can find.

Smart Home Control Devices

Smart Home Control Devices
Smart Home Control Devices

While there are literally endless ways to improve your house in terms of a smart house. The smart home control devices are the one thing we can not leave behind. This includes everything that helps you make work easier like looking who’s on the door, talking to the people in other rooms etc. Home automation is a crucial task and needs good knowledge to set it up perfectly. But with a few devices, you can make sure that everything is on point in your smart house. Smart doorbells, door camera, smart lock, smart speakers, and smart lighting control products such as a dimmable switch are some of the examples of smart home control devices.

You can dim the compatible lights in your house, look who’s on the door with the help of a smart camera which can rotate and pan to see who’s around. Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo devices are Alexa enabled and can help you do most of the tasks through your voice. You can control your smart lights, smart switches and plugs, communicate with people in other rooms with echo devices, and more.

Voice Controlling Your Smart Home

Amazon Echo Black Friday Sale
Voice Control for Smart Lights

As we just talked, Assistant devices are one of a part of smart homes. It allows you to control your smart lights, switches, plugs, appliances, and other compatible devices. You can do pretty much everything with your voice from settings alarms to turning lights to different moods with the changing atmosphere. Ask your assistant devices to turn on or of the lights, turn on or off a switch or plug, set alarms, reminders, make to-do lists or edit them, ask weather information, traffic information, nearby grocery store, purchase items online, and a lot of other things. You can do all this with your voice by using default commands or you can create your own. When it comes to choosing a voice assistant for your house, Amazon’s Alexa compatible Echo devices are one of the best options available in the market.

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